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For years, we have spent six-figures attending conferences & masterminds to meet direct advertisers, secure exclusive deals and negotiate high payouts on affiliate offers.  

Because of our willingness to go the extra mile and negotiate high-level deals, we have been able to have success above and beyond what typical affiliates might see.

We have been crushing out 5-figure days with our media buying team for years! 

However, we want to get to 6-figures per day

In order to get there, we need help!

We are looking for experienced media buyers to join hands with us and scale some of our existing campaigns.

We will provide insight as far as what's working, and make sure our team is working with the highest CPAs physically possible to get the max ROI.

If you have experience spending $1k+ per day on any paid traffic source and are looking for more media buying opportunities, we encourage you to apply to partner with us!

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-Tyler Day

Exclusive Direct Deals

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What We Are Looking For

  • Experienced media buyers
  • More than $1k daily spending

To work with us, you need ability and expertise!

We are looking for: